Throughout turtleneck we only learn the name of one character and that’s in her absence. The film otherwise follows a meandering protagonist, disillusioned with the menial tasks that make up her workdays and distracting herself with the sporadic youtube links from an admirer somewhere on her periphery, forming a mixtape too fragmented. In an era of over-analysing, solace is sought out through the landscape but it too struggles from a congested city, adorned with plastic waste and leaving little space for reflection.

turtleneck a prologue & anthology, is a collection of 35mm photographs documenting all that came before the film. Hand bound and also featuring a few video stills from the rehearsal process, the zine opens with an introduction by comedian & actor clara pluton who plays shorts in the film.

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turtleneck launched online in the spring of 2017 with the support of an interview by DISPATCH.

The film was also selected for the vimeo channel of independent filmmaking network Shooting People.

turtleneck was also selected to feature in the 7th issue of WomenCinemakers in September 2017.


cast & crew

a film by hannah ford, with luccia rennie as turtleneck & cinematography by matt mead, also featuring clara pluton, caro luttringer, ben moores, samuel "$immy" ampiah, slosi, joseph railton, nathalie limon, alex goforth, svetlana igorievna majstrosestrovskij, veronika kelemen, olivér norbert, ilya lapin & charly flyte, turtleneck’s costume kharise francis, sound recordists lones muaka & davide defendi, art department & additional sound recording nayan patel, river sequence vlad potop, colourist vlad barin, carpenter & boatman adelin balan, production assistant morten wright, sound design cracked hands, additional sound mixing karma zheng zhu, also featuring music by mt. judge & zep tepi & artworks by kitra & andrei ganser, thank you to leila kimiai-nia, addison cristiano, lily dowden & andrew wilson

thanks also to beavertown brewery, document records & rowans tenpin bowl